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Shop Until Our Souls Tired

We Make Money, Shop Until Our Souls Tired

We Make Money, Shop Until Our Souls Tired : “Shopping and buying” in a layman’s perspective, “Buy” in marketing parlance all means giving money for something we get. In short, this is a trade. Barter was one of the systems in those days for exchanging goods for goods in which no money and calculations were carried out. For example, one kg of rice is exchanged for one kg of wheat and so on. Those days have passed. Now everything is money. People start thinking big when they start earning more and more. The situation is like they buy only because they have reached that status and sometimes just because it is owned by their neighbors. I feel ownership of something is worth more than the value of money. The book defines a market as, “A place where buyers and sellers meet and exchange their products and services”. Today, it has …

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