Pros and Cons of Lifestyle Vacation Club

Lifestyle Vacation Club

Pros and Cons of Lifestyle Vacation Club : We all want to travel, some of us may not admit it to others but I think it’s more because they don’t want to admit it to themselves. They feel like they can’t travel for whatever reason, so they tell themselves they don’t want to so they don’t feel left out. I tell everyone they can.

Whether it’s finances holding them back, or not knowing how to organize a great vacation, or just being afraid to take their first trip outside of their comfort zone. And I’ll explain it through a talk about a lifestyle vacation club. I’m going to talk about this from the experiences I’ve had on the trips I’ve done and the lifestyle vacation clubs I know.

The first pros of the lifestyle vacation club.

The first, and perhaps biggest, pro for many is its value. Many people want to get as much value out of their money as possible. It makes sense, we work hard for our money so we want to get as much out of it as possible. The lifestyle vacation club I know of does just that. They provide many advantages. All vacation packages available are in 4 and 5 star resorts or hotels with 2 and 3 star prices.

They guarantee the lowest prices or they will refund your travel costs and still send you on vacation. Pretty strong statement. There are always inclusions in the journey that add so much value to the money you spend too. If your trip to Disneyland, it includes a ticket to the park. Ski trip, including lift pass during your stay. A day at the car race, great seats that include a pit pass. Lifestyle vacation clubs have value.

Pro #2 of the lifestyle vacation club.

Worry free. Let’s face it, our lives are busy. Setting up a great vacation takes time. You have to find a resort in the area you want to go. You need to confirm the vacancy as long as you want to leave. Then you need to organize the things to do in the area you want to go. You can avoid these purchases while you’re on vacation, but who wants to? I’ve done it and it adds to the stress… while on vacation trying to get away from stress!! Then you have to pay for it, beforehand or while on vacation like I did on one of my trips.

Both methods are inconvenient and time consuming. With a lifestyle vacation club, the hassle is gone. You can set filters for the type of trip you are looking for so it is very easy to find the trip you want with the inclusion you want to experience, book the trip and finish.

The 3rd pro of the lifestyle vacation club.

As part of the membership, the same ride will be available to others. This allows you to have something in common with people on the streets with you, a membership. Whether it’s whale watching off the coast of Mexico, or a wine tasting tour in France, some or many of the people you travel with have something in common with you to break the ice and make initial interactions less awkward, you’re all members of a lifestyle vacation club same.

Knowing that there will be other people on the trip with whom you share your membership can make it easier for you to take your first trip to overcome your travel fear.

Pro four of the lifestyle vacation club

As I’ve stated, there are certain lifestyle vacation clubs that I’m aware of. There are certain perks that this lifestyle vacation club has that make it truly amazing. One of these facilities is an online mall. There are more than a thousand shops in this online mall to choose from.

When you make an online purchase for the items you are about to purchase, you get a percentage back in the form of “travel dollars”. This can be applied to the trip you choose, the flight for the trip, or just your own private hotel, etc. Basically, if you shop online enough, and collect enough “travel dollars,” you can travel for free. Truly amazing.

Next are some of the supposed cons. Many things though from a point of view, and I will offer a different point of view to look at these cons in a positive light.

The #1 scammer of the lifestyle vacation club

I hear it all the time, “but I don’t like groups of people so I don’t want to go on a trip where there’s a bunch of other people doing the same thing”. First, you don’t have to take part in group activities, but it can be quite a tedious trip. So look at it in a different way. Trust me, whether you’re on a journey alone or part of apple on an excursion with you.

The second scam from the lifestyle vacation club.

They do not include flights in the cost of the trip. OK so you took me there. It is impossible for them to do this. There will be people flying from just a few hours away and people flying from across the ocean. There would be no way to make a single price for this when people came from all over. But let me ask you this. A family in Canadian British Columbia booked a vacation to Cancun Mexico through several booking agencies that “covered” flights.

Now, families of the same size book the exact same trip, at the same time, through the same booking agency, but this family is in the state of Texas in the United States. Do you think that the price of a vacation will be the same for every family? The answer is no. Families in Texas are much closer to Cancun than families in Canada. Even though they say the flight is included, it’s really only bundled with the cost of the stay.

As for the con… I’ve looked up the cost of flights to trips at the lifestyle vacation club and summed them up. I then look for vacations to the same place at the same time including flights. I then had to figure out the cost of getting the same things included in the lifestyle vacation club, and add that to the cost of the “included flight” vacation package. Guess what, lifestyle vacation clubs end up being hundreds of dollars cheaper all the time.

That brings us back to pro 1, bang for the buck. I’d rather book separate flights and save hundreds of dollars than book a vacation that includes flights. In addition, many of us have a point collection method to apply to flights when we choose to travel. When you book a vacation whose flights are combined with a vacation package, you cannot use your points to make the flight portion cheaper.

When the flight is separate from the vacation package, you are free to pay for the flight as you please, so you can do this using your points, seat sales, etc. In my opinion, this turns trips where flights are “included”, into con. And the fact that aviation is not “included” in the lifestyle vacation club, being a pro.

Con 3 of the lifestyle vacation club.

Lifestyle vacation club holidays are predefined with dates. Another thing I hear all the time. “It’s my vacation and I want to spend my time, not the time the lifestyle vacation club has chosen for me.” Okay, yes, vacations at the lifestyle vacation club have predetermined dates. They can offer good prices because they buy vacations like Costco buys groceries.

They book a large number of rooms from a resort at any given time by giving them a huge discount on fees and they pass the savings on to club members. I’ve seen ski trips, for example, only a few months apart, to the same place. Travel to Universal Studios in Florida at various times of year. They offer as many options as possible for flexibility. So I offer a different way of looking at it to reduce the negative. Aren’t you open to the idea of ​​adjusting your vacation dates a bit, if that means saving hundreds of dollars on your trip? I know I will.

The fourth scam of the lifestyle vacation club.

Lifestyle vacation clubs I know of have a membership fee. There is an initial set up fee and a monthly fee after that. I guess it’s a con, but this company is doing something to make it a pro. Costco has an annual fee. You pay that fee to have access to great deals in their store. The deal is worth it so you pay the cost. Same idea with lifestyle vacation club membership fees. You pay a fee to get access to great deals on vacation.

But what this company did to turn it into a pro is quite unique. Every dollar you spend, which includes the initial setup fee as well as the monthly fee, will be converted into “DreamTrip” points, dollar for dollar, one dollar equals one point. Vacations have a point value that is deductible from the dollar value you have to pay to book a highly discounted trip. So really the membership fee acts like a vacation savings account. So again, looking at it in a different way turns this negative into a positive as well.

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