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Use Multiple Colors To Look More Elegant & Slimmer

Elegant & Slimmer

Use Multiple Colors To Look More Elegant & Slimmer : Psychologists conclude that color can account for 60% of whatever acceptance or rejection a person sees and this includes the colors you wear.

In fact, the colors you wear can instantly make you look slimmer, healthier and create a confident image and more – Let’s find out how you can put these fashion ideas into practice.

Color Impact

We react to color before ANYTHING, and that’s why it’s so important it’s an instinctive response.

In many cases, our response to color can help us survive.

For example, if you see a small black object near your face, you shouldn’t worry, but if it has yellowish streaks, you should get rid of it. You are warned by the color whether it is a bee or a fly and react accordingly.

Color and what we associate with it

As society has developed, it has strengthened our association with certain colors to trigger a response.

Ever wondered why the uniforms of so many authority personnel are black or dark blue?

The reason is that these colors signify power and authority.

Go to the Hospital and you will often see green because it calms and relaxes us.

Pick up a road sign, traffic light or overdue bill alert that you will notice and it contains red.

You know you may need to be careful or worried.

Color and you

You can of course use color to our advantage and here are some examples.

Consider this simple fact; about 60% of the clothes sold in the UK and US are black.

The reason for this is that black can be used both formally and informally to great effect.

Wearing black formally denotes elegance, power, authority and power.

If you have to attend a business meeting, black is always a great color.

On the other hand, never consider wearing red to a business meeting, as it can appear overdone, on other people’s faces, and even confrontational.

When worn properly, in any situation, black clothes convey tidiness and simplicity.
Black may appear to be a safe color, but it is very effective when worn the right way, to trigger a positive response.

It also makes you look slimmer

Let’s look at some more examples:

If you want to look slimmer

Go for one color only.


Because, if you have different colors of tops and bottoms, you will immediately draw attention to the trash can area.

If you use more than one color, leave it dark.

If you want to look healthier

Consider your hair and skin color.

If you’re pale, avoid light colors that give you a faded look like grays or light greens, go for darker colors.

On the other hand, if you have dark olive skin, you can use light colors to draw attention to your skin.
If you don’t want to look messy.

Don’t wear more than three colors and learn how to use the color wheel to match colors to give you a coordinated look.

There are lots of free color wheels on the internet to help you do this and you’ll soon be matching colors to make you look your best.

Don’t underestimate the impact of color

Many people don’t understand color but learning how color affects compliments and matches is a fashion idea that will always make sure you present a great image for all occasions and look healthier and slimmer at the same time.

We’ll look at more ideas in later articles in this series.

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